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Sights of April 2016

April 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Ah Spring! A joy to behold. I want to be outside every day and all day. I participated in a biodiversity city challenge between LA and SF. That got me out even more. The warblers and other migrants are coming through. Songs of courtship fill the air. Birds are picking up bits and pieces to make their nests. Birds are mating and protecting nests. Babies are everywhere. Flowers are blooming and insects are flying. I am most fortunate to have the opportunity to witness all this activity. I am happy and at peace.

Highlights captured in pictures:

Local stuff:  I saw many baby birds and quite a few birds new to my list: California Gnatcatcher, Yellow-breasted Chat, Bell's Vireo, and Hermit Warbler, to name a few. I got a little carried away with shots of the baby Mockingbirds in my backyard and with a few R-rated scenes of an older hummingbird trying to mate with a fledgling and also of Tree Swallows mating.

I made a trip to El Dorado Park to shoot a few insect. Some shots are just to record new insects and some are prettier shots. There are some interesting flies and moths that I have not identified yet. I always appreciate help.

Throw in a few mammals and wildflowers and the month is complete.

IRC Monthly Butterfly Count: Brown elfin, a Mexican Tiger Moth, lots of butterflies, and baby red-tail hawks. It was very hot and windy but so worth it.

Los Cerritos Wetlands Bird Count: A mocking bird was repeatedly harassing a Red-tailed Hawk. I felt bad for the poor hawk. We changed our route a bit to avoid habitat where there might be birds nesting on the ground and chose a new route to record birds a little further back. We found this habitat to be more sandy with antlion traps. We also found two old raccoon skulls outside a burrow.  We recorded lots of House Finch, Morning Doves, and Hooded Orioles.

Watch the slideshows or click on the links to look through at your own pace.

Enjoy the show! I always appreciate corrections to id's.

Local stuff:  http://kimssight.zenfolio.com/new_apr_2016


Irvine Ranch Conservancy monthly butterfly count: http://kimssight.zenfolio.com/irc_apr_2016

Los Cerritos Wetlands bird count: http://kimssight.zenfolio.com/hellman_apr_2016


My husband had a work meeting in Mammoth Lakes. I drove up with him where we got up late and left early. We made brief stops at Convict Lake and then Manzanar.  Starting in 1942 Over 120,000 residents of the U.S.A., two thirds of whom were American citizens, were incarcerated under armed guard. Manzanar held 10,000 Americans. The historic site is a reminder of the dark things man can do against his fellow man when driven by fear.  Two photos of convict lake and black and white of Manzanar. http://kimssight.zenfolio.com/manzanar






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