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Sights of July 2016

July 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Highlights captured in pictures:

Local stuff: I visited the LA River a couple of times and found the Black-necked stilts great fun to watch. These seemed to neglect their own chicks in favor of attacking young Mallards. Mother duck didn't do much. This went on endlessly. I don't think there were any serious injuries, but the Mallards eventually got the hint and the next day seemed to stay further away.  There is a huge colony of Elegant Terns at Bolsa Chica on one of the isolated islands. There were many birds bringing fish back to their nests. I enjoyed watching a Leaf-cutter bee attack my rose bushes, cutting and carrying off bits of the leaf to line her nest. I found two species of crabs and a dragon fly that are new to me. I enjoy discovering new creatures, but the familiar are fun to photograph when they pose.

IRC Monthly Butterfly Count: Dry, dry, dry!!! We still managed to see some butterflies but the habitat was so extremely dry that seems such a hazard for fires. 

Watercolor Journaling in the Northeastern Sierra-NevadaSan Francisco State University has wonderful classes at their Sierra-Nevada Field Campus. I went for a week to learn watercolor journaling. We hiked to waterfalls, painted, and I photographed the wildflowers, butterflies, and birds. Evening Grosbeak, American Dipper, Western Columbine, and Leopard Lilies were some of my favorites. I am so in love with mountain meadows. Each day brought a new hike and a new location. I can now say I hiked the Pacific Coast Trail - well maybe not all of it but at least a small part. I learned that it is hard to hike with a day pack, camera, binoculars, art supplies, and small three-legged stool. I need a pack mule.

Watch the slideshows or click on the links to look through at your own pace.

Enjoy the show! I always appreciate corrections to ID's.

Local stuff:  http://kimssight.zenfolio.com/new_july_2016


Irvine Ranch Conservancy monthly butterfly count: http://kimssight.zenfolio.com/irc_jul_2016


So many places to see in the Sierra:

Around the camp:  http://kimssight.zenfolio.com/sierra_nevada_campus_jul_2016

Frazier Falls:  http://kimssight.zenfolio.com/frazier_falls_2016

Sierra Valley:  http://kimssight.zenfolio.com/sierra_valley_2016


Trail to Hawley Falls:  http://kimssight.zenfolio.com/hawley_falls_2016

Veronica Lake:  http://kimssight.zenfolio.com/veronica_lake_2016

Sardine Lake and Haypress Creek:  http://kimssight.zenfolio.com/sardine_and_plum_2016



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