Sifnos is an island in the Agean. A trip in October 2010 was for vacation and relaxation but I couldn't resist a few photos of these fabulous creatures.
Painted lady - Vanessa carduiPainted lady - Vanessa carduiRed admiral - Vanesa atalantaRed admiral - Vanesa atalantaRed admiral - Vanesa atalantaOld world swallowtail - Papilio machaonLarge White - Pieris brassicaeLarge White - Pieris brassicaeLangs short-tailed blue - Leptotes pirithousLangs short-tailed blue - Leptotes pirithousHummingbird mothMoth 1Ground beetle - Calosoma sp.Rosemary Beetle - Chrysolina americanaRosemary Beetle - Chrysolina americanaDevil's Coach-horse Beetle - Ocypus olensWeevil 1Weevil 1Flower weevil - Malvaevora timidaFlower weevil - Malvaevora timida