"My art and photography reflect my passion for exploring nature – even right outside one’s own front door."

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Guestbook for Kim's Sight - Nature Photography and Artwork by Kim Moore
8.Betty-Jo Miller(non-registered)
Thanks for putting this site together. I love your photos and field guides! When I'm not sure of a species it's nice to be able to go to a comprehensive and well-organized guide to what's here locally.
I'm so glad to see your photos. I'm even more glad to have gotten to know you a little bit this week!
6.Sue Hess(non-registered)
Great website and photographs Kim! Glad you know have time to pursue your new passion.
5.WIC's Photography
Way to go, Kim!

your site looks lot better than mine (well, now I regret to told you about zenfolio!! hehe) and there's great info also!!
4.Val Hoffman(non-registered)
Outstanding photography. Kim, you truly have an insight to the beauties and intricacies of nature. I envision your expanding this to an even wider base, such as being listed in "Destinations" magazine of Long Beach or in the Grunion Gazette, and most certainly in the Aquarium's website. Well done!