I attended the Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute's Invertebrates in Education and Conservation Conference was held in Rio Rico, AZ July 2011. Rio Rico is located about an hour south of Tucson and just north of the Mexican border at Nogales.

Field trips were in various canyons and mountains nearby but some of the best viewing was around the hotel and on the tennis courts early in the morning.
Empress Leilia - Asterocampa leiliaElada checkerspot - Microtia eladaTiny checkerspot - Microtia dymasCheckered-skipper - Pyrgus sp. with netwinged beetlesGolden-headed Scallopwing - Staphylus ceosCommon sootywing - Pholisora catullusBagwormGreat ash sphinx - Sphinx chersisGreat ash sphinx - Sphinx chersisLappet moth - Quadrina diazomaLappet moth - Quadrina diazomaRoyal silk moth - Citheronia splendensMoth 2Moth 3Moth 4Moth 5Moth 6Tobacco hornworm - Manduca sextaTobacco hornworm - Manduca sextaWhite lined sphinx - hummingbird moth -Hyles lineata