Square stalks
opposite leaves
often aromatic
flowers often in a whorl

5 sepals, all fused together so that only the tips are separate
5 petals fused together
asymmetrical or "irregular" flowers
typically 2 petal lobes up and 3 petal lobes down
4 stamens, with one pair longer than the other
Vinegar Weed - Trichostema lanceolatumBlack sage - Salvia melliferaBlack sage - Salvia melliferaBlack sage (Salvia mellifera)Black sage - Salvia melliferaWhite sageWhite sageWhite sageWhite sageWhite sageCleaveland sage - Salvia clevelandiiHummingbird sage - Salvia spathaceaHorehoundHorehoundHorehoundHummingbird sage - Salvia spathaceaChia - Salvia columbariae